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Re: Try this!!!! Cheaper by far, too!

wwollert wrote:

There are two or three shills on this forum that push their CIS
systems under the guise of being home printer owners providing
I think you are one of them. You always have the same paragraphs in
your threads and are always putting down every other ink and CIS.
Do you own part of, work at or sell Kyson ?
I don't trust you or the persons pushing the other two
popular(cheap) systems as there seems to be a conflict of interest.
For all: be sure that a person isn't just trying to sell a system
by disguising themselves as a user.
To Phil: Can you check these guys as to their affiliations? Direct
sales solicitations, even disguised as help/info, is verboten, are
they not?

Thanks for the comments. I completely agree with you. I just started the thread to get some ideas and to investigate all the alternatives. In fact, I bought the Efillink unit because it uses the same inks as Ink Republic and MIS and just looks slicker than the rest. This ink seems to have a proven track record and after all that's the end result we're looking for. I have explained my reasoning for choosing this system over the others.

You should choose your system based on your criteria, whatever that might be.



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