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I have an Epson 1160 for B+W using a MIS Quadtone system. Comments are that it clogs constantly but fortunately the EbonyBlack which I use alone now for B+W - the other greys in the Quadtone system give "colour" casts (blue-ish and magenta-ish) and prints look awful - like poorly done split toning on a conventional darkroom print - well, they give such casts as and when I can get the nozzles unclogged. Unfortunately, most current printers cannot just print with black ink alone - a retrograde step imho. Just hoping can keep the black working - two other nozzles have clogged anyway - as did my Epson 1200 with the MIS pigmented inks. Just totally unusuable now.

Am going to do a series of tests with the Canon i9950 with the Kyson especially for B+W - Canon uses all colours to produce B+W - using about 5X black to 1X Yellow and approx 0.3 of all other colours. May be able to try Duotone and see how that works. If so, will replace inks (Quadtone MIS) in the 1160 with the Kyson inks (only uses black and three colours CMY) and I only use the black anyway as possible with that model.

Found Lyson awful - they have on several occasions removed inks from sale due problems and have changed suppliers (manufacturers) a few times - makes one wonder how valid their claims are as seems they do not do much in way of testing if problems emerge after selling the stuff. Found smearing on a friend's computer with their inks on glossy (the dye inks).

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