7 beers and a 70-200 VR

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7 beers and a 70-200 VR

he he...

Spent the last 2 hours drinking beer and chatting with a friend of mine on the phone... happens to be a canon guy. Anyways, we got in a debate about the benefits of VR/IS and I suggested a contest to see who could get the best handheld shot at 1/20 of a second at 200mm from an approximate distance of 5 feet (my Nikon 70-200VR versus his Canon 70-200 non-VR).

Although he swore he sent me a pic, I never recieved it (he must have been embarrassed).

Here's mine after 7 beers:

Nikon D50
1/20 @ f 6.3
ISO 1600

Here's a 100% crop:

Maybe not the best results, but I was pretty impressed given the circumstances. I shot this manual, and accidentally bumped the ISO to 1600 in my drunken stupor, LOL. I looked at my meter and adjusted my aperture until I got the exposure I wanted. I ended up at f/6.3. No sharpening in camera or PP.

My friend looked at the picture and said he was "pretty impressed", and said it was a lot better than his.

God bless beer and VR

Flat view
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