Unreasonable S5 expectations.

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Bob - good summary


Good sum-up.
Improved body, possible tweaks to IQ, what price will people pay ?

One other reason why Nikon licensed the D200 body to Fuji is that
there will likely be a D200s later this year. The first reason, oft stated,
is possibly that Fuji had to be nailed down to a not-more-than 6MP sensor,
or no deal.

Curious what was missing from everyone's S5 wishlist. I think that the
overall S5 package is very attractive, but my nice-to-haves, in no particular
order, are :

  • no higher than 6+6. Even 8+8 would have been superb,

but I'll take the better body at 6+6

  • no cable release

  • no dual media slot, for either xD or SD

  • no voice memo

  • expensive launch price, looking at other DSLR feature/price ratios

  • basic weight 29 oz to 37 oz w/ the MB-D200 ( personal choice, I know )

Nikon has the X-brick, now Fuji has the Fuji-brick
but I am looking forward to the extra stability.
One of the easily forgotten S3 wonders is the integral vertical grip.

  • software not included in basic body price.

  • very minor : finepix in the manual, but thankfully "Fujifilm" on the

camera. Any Internet detectives discovered what the strap says yet ?

Bob - your recent comment that the D200 memory banks do not
appear in the S5 manual would also be a nice-to-have.


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