Ideal commercial event software

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Ideal commercial event software

I unoffficially consult (on photographic issues) and occasionally work for a large horse arena/rodeo event site. There is a large equestrian event occuring almost every weekend, only a few of which attract a professional photographer who inevitably works long, grueling, ineffecient hours. There is potentially a LOT of opportunity going by here if it only could be organized effeciently. With the proper setup, harware and software, we could maximize the income potential and minimize all the non-picture taking work of the photographer (s). W have all the hardware. The missing link is the software. Unless it already exits.

My ideal program would:

1) link a server with one or more viewing stations with keyboard and large screen LCD monitor

2) organize all incoming photographs into the server (by memory card download or wireless transfer) by EXIF TIME (minute/second/date) picture was taken. Since the arena is single picture opportunity funnel, by organizing pics by TIME one can ignore getting ANY data on the subjects as they appear to perform. The participants simply need to note the approximate time they appeared.

3) different photographers pics can be sorted out later by coding the file name of the pics they took, but ALL pics would go into one central file and would cycle on the monitors, slide-show fashion, when people were not actively looking for their own photos.

4) at one or more viewing monitors the people could scan through the photos (By TIME they performed), and if they wish, create their own named folder (including self-entered address, phone#, etc..) and tag all pictures they might be interested in buying. They could later retrieve and review their folder any time they wished, tag and add additional pics after subsequent performances.

5) at any time in a several day event people could "check out" by tagging the photographs they want with size of print. They could enter a credit card payment (preferable) or pay in person.

6) After the event the prepaid orders could be processed and individual photographers credited for the sales of their individual pics.

The beauty of a system like this is that during the actual event(s) there is nothing for the photographer(s) to do but take pictures (the more of which drives the process and the sales potential) and cyclically download them into the server (or WIRELESSLY). The pictures are viewable and accessible to all interested parties and selling themselves while the photographers are working in the arena. The subjects self-sort the pictures, self-create their individual folders, self-enter pertinent information, self-order pics and format sizes, and even self-pay electronically.

After the event is over only then does the photographer have to deal with the pictures and then only pictures ALREADY SOLD AND PAID FOR. Talk about EFFECIENCY!

The question is...does anyone know of any software system that can be tweaked to operate something like this??

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