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Re: No no no, you can not change physics :-)

My image is the basket with oranges and flowers. About 15 seconds with a small penlight . Dont remember the movement on that one, but seems to be all over the place.

gonzalu wrote:
Small light source = point light source = hard light / shadows.
That you move it around to fill those shadows is a different story,
you are changing the rules by "creating" a larger source over time.
However, the danger is in the speed of light movement and total
exposure time. If you start out with a soft light source,( even if
small, try and make it diffuse enough) so that the EDGES of the
light are soft, it makes it easier to blend in a short period of
time with small light source. Other problem of small lights is the
falloff isn't as useful as with a larger spread.

This is not my theory, this is physics 101


P.S. your image "below" I assume... I don;t see a post from you
above. Regardless, very nice image. How did you do it? (I mean,
length of exposure and speed of light movement)

pellepiano wrote:


This is not true when it comes to light painting as you move the
light. You can get very soft lights with a small pen light, as you
can see from my example above.
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