Best Kit lens - Canon or Nikon

Started Feb 3, 2007 | Discussions thread
Donald M Mackinnon Senior Member • Posts: 1,594
Re: Best Kit lens - Canon or Nikon

I used a Canon 18-55 for three year's, I was not on the forum and as such did not realise that there was a quality issue with the lens. To this day I cannot remember where I read about the quality issue, but to cut a long story short I bought a Sigma 17-70mm to replace it.

The difference was very noticeable,and I now believe that the Canon 18-55 kit lens is a front runner for the worst lens currently available.

I agree with those who recommend the D80 ( don't own one) but I have seen results with the 18-70 and they are very very impressive, if the Canon is a contender for the worst then the Nikon is a contender for the best kit lens.

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