Does a D2Xs purchase make sense now?

Started Feb 3, 2007 | Discussions thread
Dave Chambers Veteran Member • Posts: 3,700
Re: Does a D2Xs purchase make sense now?

Yes, it makes a lot of sense for the following reasons ...

1.) It is Nikon's flagship camera for a very good reason ... it delivers superb results.

2.) The D2X and D2Xs have not been out all that long, but just long enough to have any weaknesses addressed by firmware updates, so they still represent the leading edge of design and reliability.

3.) There are no confirmed reports of a new model to replace it as yet, so you have no idea how long you may have to wait.

4.) Even if Nikon were to announce a replacement tomorrow, would you really want to buy a new product before it has been consumer tested and had the problems ironed out ... just look at the D200 release fiasco to answer that one.

5.) If a replacement were to be announced, Nikon history on new releases tells us that it will be a considerable time after the announcement that anything appears in the shops, and then only in small numbers.

So bottom line ... buy a D2Xs now and enjoy one of the best products Nikon has ever introduced.
Dave (Sgt. Pepper), Epsom, England.

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