Summary of GPS solutions for D200/D2X

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Re: Summary of GPS solutions for D200/D2X

I took photos on my D200 with a Garmin eTrex GPS (using the Nikon MC-35 Cord). Does anyone have any idea why I get 2 GPS readings in the EXIF Data? There is no documentation on this in the D200 or MC-35 manual.

All of this info is in the same photo. Two GPS coordinate entries (of which one is in brackets) appear in the Longitude and Lattitude fields.

Here is an example of a photo's Exif Data for the photo on Flickr:

Here is the GPS Exif Data in the photo:
Latitude: S 33°38.31′(33°38′18.6″)
Enhanced Longitude: E 21°40.52′(21°40′31.2″)
Latitude: S 33° 44′ 29.4″
Longitude: E 21° 34′ 9.6″

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I tried a Garmin 76CSx GPS too, but I still get 2 GPS readings. My GPS is set to NMEA 4800. Must I maybe set something else too? There is no data available on this, so it is hit and miss.



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