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Re: Looking for Quantum Turbo Compact users

Howard S Passman wrote:

Hi Isaac,

I have a deep understanding of profits

and expenses.

That said, the thing that I feel is very poor is their policy of
putting people in line for on-order equipment by the amount of the
deposit. If you put 100% down you are at the top of the list. 10%
and you are at the bottom. If everyone who comes in after you puts
down 11%, they get their equipment before you do. I would be
willing to pay in full, up front, IF they would charge my card
after the item arrived (I don't care if they don't wait until I
pick it up) and if they would give me some sort of time frame.

There are always issues with retail places with some people caring more than others, I'm not going to get into that, but I will defend the deposit policy. The deposit policy allows people that have the most urgent need to get the equipment first. The more casual photographer will put down less, or decide to wait, and that is the point. In any case of rationing, you have to figure out who will get the product before others. In many situations, it will simply go to their cronies, or people they like, or the people with red hair, or any other random discriminating characteristic the seller of the goods decides on. The BEST way is to simply raise the price until there is no waiting list, but consumers seem fairly ignorant of rationing issues and the companies worry about negative reactions. Pure price rationing takes the discretion of the seller out of the picture (for the most part, profit is a powerful motive) and allows people to make up their own mind about what the product is "worth" to them. The deposit system is an attempt to get back to the distribution effect of pure price rationing but without the negative connotations of so called gouging.

Most people think the "fair" way of doing it is to just take the people in order that they sign up for it. The trouble then is that you get a fairly random distribution of who gets the product, often times casual, non emergency uses will get product before professional or time sensitive photographers. If your need is urgent, you will put the money down, if it isn't, you step aside and let others get in line ahead of you. That particular company has many professional and government customers, and they can have real problems if they can't get the eqipment when they need it... I had several people offer me $1000 for the Nikon 18-200 because they needed it for a trip. In the ideal world, we would have had them on the shelves at $1000 and they would have gotten their lenses. Instead, they got to pay the regular price, but had to wait. One person did get it for their trip because they had put the money down, the other one missed the trip, but had it earlier than if he hadn't paid for it.

Since you seem to understand accounting pretty well, you'll also understand that they cannot count that money as a sale until the lens comes in and the person picks it up. That is why a deposit is taken and not a sale made when the money is put down. The card needs to be charged up front because there are many many many problems of customer's credit cards working one day and not another. If they want to give you money, you take it NOW, because it may not be there later on. As far as not being able to give a time frame, you can blame the manufacturers for that. For some reason photo companies, and Nikon in particular, is very secretive about stock availability and shipping times. Believe me, I would have given just about anything for a definite time frame on hard to get items, the daily questions drove me nuts! Our buyer wouldn't know when we were getting anything from them until they shipped it. He could check a website to see if something shipped, and if it had estimate when it would get there. Some companies also have the additional issue of distribution. They may know when the product gets to the warehouse, but not which store it will be distributed to...

If you think that the store is not doing what you want them to, I highly encourage you to get in touch with them., I happen to know that management at that particular company LOVES feedback from the customers, the more detail the better (names, times, etc.). The form is here:


If you pick the administration tab on the pull down, the message will go right to corporate HQ. It's a good company, but not a perfect one...

See my pictures here:

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