Unreasonable S5 expectations.

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Unreasonable S5 expectations.


There have been quite a commotion here recently regarding some of the S5 samples.

It seems that most tend to forget that the S5 is basically an S3 with an upgraded body.

The other improvements that Fuji mentioned was regarding Noise Reduction.

I'm posting this because some people think the S5 is the second coming of Christ.
Is not !

The S5 will be good for someone who feels limited by the S3 body, and ideal for those D200 owners who want the Fuji sensor quality with a body that can handle with their eyes closed. Turning in a seamless backup camera to switch.

I expect the S5 images to be improved just a tiny little bit, a small evolutionary enhancement in the Image Processing. Similar in magnitude to what the Fuji S9000 to S9100 recently went trough.
No more, no less.

So relax, and save that energy when some good production samples and reviews are posted and compared.
Then decide if the S5 is good for you.

Rant over.

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