goofy question about wireless flash...

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Re: goofy question about wireless flash...

Don Allison wrote:

Jason: As far as I know, the onboard flash triggers the AF360 and
AF540. That's all right for macro shooting because most times I'm a
bit too close for the flash to be effective. It's good for fill
light, and recently I've used the 360 some 15 feet away and shining
at my target (birds). I have a wireless remote that triggers my
shutter which triggers the wireless flash. The onboard flash is too
far away to have any effect. You do have to go to the menu to set
wireless remote in flash mode, and your AF 360 and AF540 must be
set in wireless mode as well. That's about it. Quite easy actually.


I have found that if the slave flash is in the sun, then it won't recognise the on board flash. If the slave is in the shade away from the sun, it normally recognises the on board flash. I would suggest that the sunlight makes the on board trigger flash unrecognisable to the slave.

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