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D200 update wishlist

In case there are any Nikon marketing research types monitoring the forum, here's a wishlist for a D200s (D200 update) product. This is in part based on a similar thread started last April (see http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/read.asp?forum=1021&message=17904833 )

Minor mechanical changes:

  • replace the plastic cap for the 10-pin remote socket. The cap is easily lost, it's easy to cross-thread, and it's difficult to grip. So replace it with something metal (that won't cross-thread and strip so easily, and so it won't inadvertently fall out so easily), something larger (so it's easier to find when it does fall out or it's laid down), or replace it with some tethered plastic flap that friction fits (rather than screws in) similar to the USB connection "lid".

  • Discard the BM-6 LCD cover. It falls off too easily, and it cracks too easily. Instead, add a rigid LCD cover/protector similar to DaProducts or GGS protector offerings. The rigid protectors are much more serviceable and durable, and they are equivalent in cost. By the way, the Canon 5D LCDs have factory installed protectors, and they are replaceable (around $10-$15 cost).

  • Clean up the minor detent in the focus mode switch lever, between the "S" and the "M" positions.

  • Enhance the design of the battery contacts inside the camera body. This might reduce the frequency of the mysterious false "battery empty" condition that is associated with camera lock-up.

  • Improve the glue attachment of the rubber hand grip.

Major design changes:

  • Add IR wireless remote shutter, via ML-L3.

  • Add viewfinder shutter, to block light leakage through eyepiece, in place of the DK-5 eyepiece cap that is easily lost/misplaced. (from jdoost)

Firmware enhancements:

  • when using MF lenses, indicate 'in focus' visually using the active focus bracket in the viewfinder (flash it red, bold. flicker or whatever). the current tiny focus dot outside the VF, below the frame, is too hard see while also trying to watch the subject in the focus bracket. (from raka)

  • when building ABCD profiles, have a local/global save - this will allow applying a menu setting to ONLY the current profile, OR ALL 4 profiles with 1 click (let's say you want to shoot compressed RAW in A+B+C+D, it is time consuming to go each bank & do the setting 4x) (from raka)

  • the option of longer filenames w/ more than 4 digits so filenumbers do not have to reset (eg: D200_999,999 will allow for a million shots) (from raka)

  • Two additional (user settable) options for the "shots remaining" counter: calculation based on average of image files already on the card (less conservative, more realistic), and display storage space remaining (rather than # pictures remaining). And maybe a blinking/flashing readout when the card is "almost full" (e.g. 90% full, or less than 10 shots remaining - or better yet make the warning threshold user configurable/settable).

  • add a "simple menus" mode - allow user to select which menu items are hidden in "simple menus" mode.

  • Beef up the four shooting profiles to allow over-ride of the mode, aperture, shutter speed, and sensitivity settings. This makes switching profile a one-step operation.

  • When reviewing images in "zoomed" mode, if you delete a file the review reverts to non-zoomed. Make zoomed vs. non-zoomed view "sticky" in this case.

  • When the camera is using "predictive focus" or tracking the "focus object", highlight in the viewfinder the focus zone as it moves around. This provides some feedback that the focus zone or "focus object" is what the user expects.

  • Add the copyright symbol (lower case "c" inside a circle) to the available character set for text comments settable in the camera.

That's enough for one post. Some of these are so minor as to be trivial to implement. Others are more complex, and require serious thought and planning before implementation. Note that these are all additions (rather than replacements) to the existing feature set, and contribute to "feature bloat" and "code bloat", for which I am unashamed. None of these are major new features, rather they are (individually) minor changes to make the camera easier to use.

  • Bob Elkind

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