D40 Weird display after update; Flash on

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Re: D40 Weird display after update; Flash on

JWsPhotos wrote:

What I assume is happening under P mode is that when I raise the
flash, the exposure bar is appearing to let me know that light at
1/60 is too low (even though I am using a flash). If I aim out the
window the compensation bar goes away.

It is saying that the light at the selected aperture/shutter combo is going to be too low. But it is low by choice.

The assumption is that the flash is going to properly illuminate the foreground subject. The meter display is basically showing how the background will be exposed via ambient light, because the flash is only going to fire long enough to properly expose the foreground. If it had to fire long enough to expose the background, the foreground would be over-exposed.

If I push either the exposure comp button or go to flash comp, the
bar indicates the setting (e.g., 0) but then.

That's correct, because you didn't set flash or ambient exposure compensation.

To check to see if this is the same, just aim at an interior, dimly
lit shot in P mode with the flash down and 0 compensation (no bar
appears), then pop up the flash and see if the exposure comp bar

That is how the D50, D70, D200 etc operate. In fact, that's how most of the modern SLR and DSLR cameras operate, at least in my experience.

In other words, JinE was correct.


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