Newest rumours... ;)

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Jon Ragnarsson
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Newest rumours... ;)

From the OM mailing list:

Hi Olympians,

I was at an Olympus dealer event today and spoke an Olympus
representative who was at the internal briefing for the thing to come
this year. This is an excerpt from what to expect as far as he could
remember all that was said. He also reminded us that he had received an
E-400 training just a month before it's introduction and in that
training the E-400 was supposed to have live preview, so Olympus Japan
is know to change any possible detail up to the last minute.

3 new bodies:
E-410. I think this will be what the E-400 was supposed to be. Grossly
the same as the E-400 but with Live preview (don't know about A and/or
E-510. Follow up of the E-500 Live preview and in-body image
E-x. Finally. Unknow if this will be at PMA to view or even handle.
Available from july/august. Faster AF, More AF points (maybe 12-14), 5-6
fps and larger buffer. Live preview with more robust screen. in-body
Image stabilisation. at least 10mpix. Different sensor than that of the
E-400 however. Nothing known about noise or body size. Would be nice if
the size stays the same. E-1 handling will be continued in this body.

From that moment on the E-300 series will be discontinued and Olympus

will allways have 3 types of DSLR's available:
S series for Small
G? series for enthousiasts
P series for professionals.

6 new lenses:
180?-500mm (f= xx-6.3)
12-60mm abouf f=3.5
3 other lenses, most likely zooms, not fixed focal lengths

New flashes with wireless possibilities

That's about all I can remember.

I was a bit dissapointed to hear that the new E-x would not be
introduced at PMA, but I have seen prints from the E-1 that werem blown
up to 150x200cm. They were just as clean as any print I had ever seen.
Of course I was not supposed to leak this info, but I know quite some of
us are waiting for this kind of info, so I tried to inform you as good
as I can.

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