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Try this!!!! Cheaper by far, too!


I now have these installed on both Epson and Canon (i9950) printers, with pigmented inks. Excellent quality and a test in full Spanish sun for 3 days has shown no fading whatsoever. I have over many years found this is a severe test (Canon originals did not even last one day!).

As a very experienced printer, can thoroughly recommend. Speak (e-mail) to Dan and mention me (NO - I don't get commission!).

MIS inks (inksupply.com) seriously clogged my Epson (the 1200 now unusable) but inks in my CIS for the 1160 now running freely - had MIS and daily had to free with MIS. The Canon i9950 has 2 picoliter nozzles. MIS said not suitable for pigmented inks - though later Pixmas have 3 pl ones - but if my Epsons clogged (with 6 and 9 pl nozzles) Gawd help anyone using MIS in them. The pigmented Kyson Vista inks in the i9950 are working perfectly - not one clog.

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