Borrowed a 5D for the day...

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Borrowed a 5D for the day...

Yes, I've been curious. I have shot the D200 for the past year, and have been struggling with landscape fine art 16x24's. I have a years worth of experience shooting 20D's with the fast L 2.8 zooms from Canon as well, but that was 99% wedding work.

Today I shot a 5D with 16-35L and 24-70L alongside my D200 with 12-24 DX and 17-55 DX, up the Columbia River Gorge.

In a nutshell: Not much difference as far as IQ is concerned for my needs.

The 5D has a bit more resolution. About the increase I experienced going from the 20D to the D200. No surprise there. 8MP vs. 10MP vs. 12 MP's.

The D200 is a pleasure to use. The 5D is the same as the 20D, usable, but not great. The 5D viewfinder is dimmer than the D200. But both were fine to use. The 5D histogram and LCD were a definite step backwards from the D200. The D200's metering is confidence inspiring. The 5D's reminded me of the 20D: kind of all over the place. It weights the focusing point area too much in evaluative metering for my tastes. I found I was braketing way more with the 5D to dial in the exposure. The Nikon was within a 1/3rd of a stop, the Canon was a stop off or more. (For the same scenes in the same light. Not a big deal, but it slows you down.)

The 16mm was much wider than the 12mm. And I was very surprised to see the corners on the FF were sharper and brighter than I expected. (But the Nikon coners were better overall.) I expected the corner vignetting and sharpness to be pretty bad on the 5D. Now I know it's really not an issue.

So for what I do, and that's the important point here, it's a wash. The little bit extra in resolution is not worth trading the handling, superior build, and metering accuracy for. Both cameras are about equal in IQ.

But, if all my Nikon gear was dropped in a fast moving river tomorrow, and I had to start over, I'd buy the d200 and DX lenses again.

And, I am now definitely interested in Nikon putting a higher resolution sensor, either DX or FF in the next D200 incarnation. The lenses are up to it, and there's room for improvement.

If I shot at iso's higher than 400, I'd be a lot more interested in the 5D, though, considering how well it does perform. I am still amazed the corners were so good.

I'm not trying to start anything, they are both great cameras. These are just my personal thoughts, based upon my needs. For people that shoot what I shoot they may be interesting...

I'll post some comparison images when I process them, but there's not much to see. The 5D images would only really start to look better in larger prints. At anything under 12x18, or on screen, there really is no differences to speak of.

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