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A layman's perspective is all I've got.

fotobuff wrote:

Hi there ... if its not too much trouble could you pls explain
briefly in laymans terms the correlation / physics between lens
size and sensor size?

It's been a long time since I cranked equations on optics. And back then, it was the sort of child's play stuff you do in physics class. I haven't calculated a focal length in decades. This stuff I ballpark with intuition.

The size of a sensor is one determining factor, to the overall size of your optics. If you're landing your image on a larger "landing pad," you're going to need a larger focal length, and that generally increases the overall size of your lens assembly for a given zoom range. Think of how large lenses are on full frame sensors. What also increases the size of your lens assembly is reaching for lower fstop numbers, in other words, larger apertures, bcs basically, you have to add surface area to the lenses to let in more light. I think you can more aggressively bend the light to reduce the size of your lens assembly, but aggressively manipulated light rays tend to be difficult to achieve with accuracy.

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If you're a G7 owner, please feel free to comment on your viewfinder here:

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