Info: Metz SCA adapter for Ds

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Re: Info: Metz SCA adapter for Ds

barneycg wrote:

I recently contacted them (metz) about this and the response was
that the p-ttl bit was actually in the flash not in the shoe so a
new SCA module can't actually give p-ttl, you'd have to buy a whole
new flash.

Did you ask about a specific flash? Flashes like the 54 MZ-4i for instance are perfectly capable of the somewhat similar E-TTL of Canon or i-TTL of Nikon if equipped with the correct SCA adapter, and I could at least imagine that this model could also work with P-TTL (less complex than i-TTL AFIAK) . Older models like the 54 MZ-3 at least work with E-TTL, so I think it basically really is a question of both the SCA adapter and the flash model used if P-TTL will be supported in the future by Metz. A shame that they can't be more specific on that for P-TTL ...

As you contacted them did they rule out completely that any current or old Metz flash model could be made to work with P-TTL and a new or updated Pentax SCA adapter?

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