Info: Metz SCA adapter for Ds

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Re: Info: Metz SCA adapter for Ds

LimCam wrote:


I am aware that the k10D needs P-TTL. I have the Metz 32MZ-3 +
SCA3701. Can you or anyone tell me if this particular Metz flash is
of any use with the K10D or should I get rid of them? I am not into
wireless flash.

What an old thread to resurrect But it shows that the problem is still there. Back to your question: I haven't tried it the few days I had my K10D (have returned it). But as suggested to you in the other thread you started it should work fine in A mode - just find out what ISO and aperture setting on the 32MZ-3 works with a defined aperture and ISO setting (not necessarily the same ...) on your K10D with the flash in A mode - I mean standard A mode on the flash here, and that means using your K10D in manual mode where you set shutter speed to 1/125 or 1/180s and the aperture according to the flash. The flash will then regulate the output of light, not the K10D. Works fine, be assured!

Would recommend to keep it, it's a quite reliable and capable flash if you can get it to work as described above.

I don't know about the "Super A" mode Jens describes on his page - have never used it with the 32MZ, since it worked good enough in TTL on my Ds. It's possible that this "Super A" mode doesn't work with the 32MZ - I'm not sure that ISO and aperture are communicated to it (as with the 40MZs for example).

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