Info: Metz SCA adapter for Ds

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Re: Info: Metz SCA adapter for Ds

philzucker wrote:

As I was a bit miffed that Metz promised an SCA adapter for the Ds
for minimum half a year now, I wrote them a mail complaining, and
they instantly replied - very friendly in fact.

They stated that they had a delay with the Ds adapter and won't be
able to produce it until early 2006.

They also stated that the existing SCA 3702 can be used with the Ds
for anything but P-TTL. For using standard TTL with this adapter
and the Ds - and here is the interesting part - they stated that
you have to choose "2nd curtain synchronisation" on the adapter and
(if necessary) on the Metz flash used with it.

I scanned the appropriate part of the SCA 3702's manual to show you
how the switch on the SCA 3702 has to be set - on the second
symbol, not on the first default one:

Hope this helps some people - I will try soon how the SCA works
with this new setting on my Ds.

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I am aware that the k10D needs P-TTL. I have the Metz 32MZ-3 + SCA3701. Can you or anyone tell me if this particular Metz flash is of any use with the K10D or should I get rid of them? I am not into wireless flash.

Brisbane, Australia

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