Nikon Nudism

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Nikon Nudism

This may sound like a bit of a strange question, but...

Any thoughts on the best camera to shoot nudes with?

I'm working on expanding my nudes portfolio.

I am a recent convert from Canon (350D & 300D) to Nikon (D80 & D40).

Nothing against Canon at all, but so far, I really dig the Nikons. They feel sweetly familiar to me, as my pre-digital film roots were all Nikon. However, upon going through my old shots, I'm finding that the Canons produced smoother and creamier skin tones. Is this due to the CCD/CMOS difference? I'm also using a SB600 flash, which is awesome, but I can't figure out how to get a softer effect from it. Everything looks overlit to me, even when using a bounce off a gold reflector and a diffuser.

Does anyone have any examples or photostreams with really great Nikon nudes, specifically the D40 or D80?

Any tips for improving my Nikon nudism?

Should I sell all my stuff and get a D200?

A 400D?

A life?



If interested, here are a couple of (non-nude) pics from my photostream shot with the Canon and the Nikon, respectively. Similar lighting, different feel...The Canon just feels so much warmer and softer to my eye...

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