Oly NiMH batteries/charger

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Re: Oly NiMH batteries/charger

Someone on another board posted a link to a battery test/rating comparison/review that gave the rayovac charger & batteries the top rating but also pointed out the maha was just slightly behind at lesser overall cost...I can vouche for the RayoVac charger but all four different sets of batteries I use RayoVac, Oly, DigiPower & Sakar all seem to perform the same...The Sakars are only $10 at one of the officeMax or depots & I saw the DigiPowers at CompUsa for $10 also....The RayoVac charger is phenominal ...

Rod H wrote:

You can get RayOVac 1600mAH at Wal-Mart for $11. So far they have
been working good for me.. others have reported good results also.


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