Cano 10-22 vs Sigma 10-20 - My Test

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UPDATE on lens comparison

Well, after first day on the job with my new Canon 10-22, I have decided that it is definitely a keeper. It is just a matter of getting used to how the lens behaves.

I have noticed without a doubt that the 10-22 needs way more light then the Sigma 10-20 like someone mentioned on this thread. With the sigma, at f6.3 or f7.1 and shutter speed of 1/60 or 1/80, the flash pretty much took care of the exposure. With the 10-22, I had open it up to f5.6, 5 and even 4.5 and at times I was even down to 1/30 shutter speed.

I don't think I have ever shot 1/30 with the sigma (don't like shooting above ISO800).

Also, with the sigma, the higher flash compensation (which I misunderstood as ETTL) really kicks in often but rarely does it kick in for the canon. That is why I had to open it up with slower shutter speed.

But the bottom line is that the images are more pleasing with the canon which means slightly less PP. Much more contrasty. AND like a few people mentioned which I ignored but it DOES seem a wee bit wider.

As for outdoor shots, I can't tell yet as 90% of my use with the lens is for indoors with flash.


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