Replace Monitor Cover with Skin?

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two options, neither are skins

In a similar prior thread - see - there were two well-received LCD protectors discussed. The first is Da Products, the second is GGS. Consensus was that as good as Da Products is, GGS is even better.

DaProducts has been mentioned in this thread already, and their website is pretty self-explanatory.

The advantages of GGS protectors, which are very similar to Da Products protectors, are:

1. Thinner than Da Products (1mm, I believe)
2. Includes 2 protectors for both LCDs (review screen and status screen)
3. Adhesive is pre-applied, making a good seal much easier and faster.

The biggest problem with the GGS products is that they are not easy to find. A few months ago, a reliable source was They went through some "reorganisation" recently, and it seems that they have re-surfaced in two different sites. One of them is, and the proprietor says that they now carry the GGS products.

If you are interested in the GGS protectors, send email to Kai Lam (she is/was the wife half of, email address

I bought BOTH the Da Products D200 protector AND the GGS protector (for the D200). They both work GREAT (not just "fine"). Tough as nails. I would recommend the GGS product first, though, based on it being thinner, being easier to install, and including the second protector for the status LCD.

You will be happy with either of them, and I believe that either of them will last as long as you have your camera body (if not longer).

Hope this helps...

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