Cost of sales, margins and printing on canvas

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One pricing formula example

We have a price structure for the size of image supplied, and then a formula for the product (frame, canvas, mount).

So for example;
6x4 inch size £15
6x9 inch £35
8x12 inch £75
18x12 inch £175

Then a frame, for a 12x8 might cost £40, we multiply that by x3 factor.

So a 12x8 in frame is £195 selling price . . . that is a very nice hand made frame, with about 3inch mount all round.

The loose print would be lab cost x3 (or x5) say £5 plus print charge above making total £80

Prices might they be rounded up or down slightly for price list marketing purposes.

Albums might be £20 per album page, plus £15 per image on that page . . . thus 9 images on an album page is £155.

A canvas 12x8 inch, would be the £75 plus canvas cost x3 (or x2.75 as canvas is so expensive).

Thus my work always has a consitent pricing formula (for variable business costs on products), which charges more for the size/impact of a product, and has a varying % profit. My hourly rate always get's factored in as a minumum requirement of £50 per hour which is helping cover fixed business costs (equipment, software, insurance, accounts fees, etc).


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