Do you want your rebate? Try this.

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Do you want your rebate? Try this.

I FAXed and mailed the following to Canon CEO Adachi it seems to have worked the checks are in the mail. His FAX is 516-328-5219. Also, if you have any real horror stories and live in Virginia I'm trying to put something together to present for possible legislation. E-mail me at


Mr. Yoroku Adachi
President & CEO, Canon USA
One Canon Plaza
Lake Success, NY 11042

Dear Mr. Adachi:

I am writing to express my deep frustration and disappointment with Canon USA. I have always shared what I believe are the same principles that you claim as your corporate philosophy of kyosei. It is my understanding that the literal translation from the Japanese language is something like, “living and working together for the common good.” I also assume this philosophy would be interpreted to extend to the honest and ethical treatment of your customers.

Specifically my frustration and disappointment with Canon USA is based upon your direct affiliation with the notoriously dishonest and unethical company, Young America. As a Canon camera customer I feel you have not only insulted me, but all of your customers by contracting with Young America to fulfill your rebate program “Cash in With Canon.” Evidence of the sordid and disgusting reputation of this company is highlighted by the fact that over 40 states are presently involved in consumer fraud litigation with this company. Furthermore, my own involvement with this company has been nothing short of a nightmare since October 2006.

As of this writing I am owed $960.00 from this rebate program. I don’t know if I will ever receive any of that. And I have been in contact with dozens of other customers that have had similar or worse experiences with Young America administering your current rebate program. Bluntly stated, your affiliation with this company is making you look like a crook.

For the common good I urge you to correct this situation as soon as possible.


Thomas J. Miller

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