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Re: 2 cents = worth at least a NICKLE

Bill Beebe wrote:

I generally ask what their favorite feature is and what their least
favorite feature is.

I just did a portrait for a person that had about 20 moles on her
face. When I asked about favorites, she said "can you do anything
about moles? I hate them!" I then offered her 3 versions of the
same image, 1st as is, 2nd completely removed of moles and the 3rd
was a lightened version where you could still see them, but they
were reduced.

She ended up going with the just like her version.

PS - if you are unclear about the response you get, I would wait
until after the session to push the topic. Being too direct before
the shoot could lead to the model thinking about it during the
shoot. That could lead to less then optimal moods.

I agree completely ... don't do anything to change or challenge the "mood".

I used to own a one-hour photo-lab (and studio). I used to add a "diffuser" to my enlarger when I printed the photos. I had "3" levels ... (#1, #3, #5).

I used to use the #1 on men ... it was "barely" even noticable, but still had a subliminal softening effect. For most ladies ... I used a #3, it was "noticable" ... but they usually liked the results. But for "boudoir" I sometimes used the #5. It was very, very, very soft ... almost beyond recognition ... but the "effect" was great for it purpose.

BUT ... since it was done WHEN PRINTING, (same as you can do with PS); the effect is SELECTABLE by the client. So show them the difference, and let them make the choice.

HOWEVER ... something else I VERY OFTEN did ... I printed the photos with the negative BACKWARD. In other words ... the "proof" photos were REVERSED; (as SHE THINKS SHE LOOKS LIKE WHEN SHE SEE's HERSELF EVERY DAY IN THE MIRROR ).

In other words ... NO ONE knows what they really look like ... they have only seen "themselves" in a MIRROR. So a normal reaction when anyone sees their own photo is .... "That Just Does Not Look Like ME".

It is a "trick" ... do not tell them it is "reversed" ... but it gives them a chance to see themselves as they think they look.

I repeat ... AS THEY "THINK" THEY LOOK !!!

After I get their approval, or selections of their proofs ... I only then tell them what I did, and print the final photos correctly.

NOTE: I also did the same thing with my wedding albums ... the FIRST photos that I ALWAYS put into a their album is shots I have taken of them IN A MIRROR. So again ... those photos will be already "reversed" ... but it is what THEY THINK THEY LOOK LIKE since it is indeed how they have only seen themselves. So I shoot at least two shots in the mirror ... on maybe putting on lipstick ... and maybe one combing their hair .... and I make SURE those are the FIRST photos they see.

After they "love" those shots ... they are convinced I can-do-no-wrong ... (and am the greatest photographer in the entire world); so they automatically like the rest of the album.

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