Cost of sales, margins and printing on canvas

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Re: Thanks all (see attached pricing template)

With labs having cut our costs on 8x10 and smaller prints to very low prices, now our smaller work has a higher gross margin percentage. Higher priced work like canvas, and the latest flush mounted wedding albums don't generate the same amount of gross margin.

Its all in the mix with lower priced promotional work mixed with higher margin addons that make a profitable business.


Mr Steve wrote:
tr0910 wrote:
This flies in the face of the theory that

photographers make their best money from enlargements. The real
profitability key is increasing average order size.

You got the right idea now. But your statement above could be
wrong. If you forget about profit margins and think in terms of
actual revenue (and profits), then it might be true that
enlargements bring the best money. It depends on the volume of

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