Smugmug Pro Vs. Custom Web site....or?!?

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Re: Smugmug Pro Vs. Custom Web site....or?!?


RomanJohnston wrote:

...Time to make the jump and become a much smaller fish
in a much bigger pond....lots of amazing talent to compete
against.....and be inspired by.

Welcome to the real world.

I like the idea of my own site, but the expense of starting it up
is a little more than I want to afford right now....but if it will
truly hurt my public persona to use smugmug (I hate the name even
though the service looks great)....I would move into the arena of
my own custom site.

SmugMug has baskets on the site and a higher quality printing
service for what looks like a reasonable fee...(and no headache for
me as they print and mail as they get orders and no money out of my
pocket to get the print delivered and shipped.)

If you really want to take the step, get away from "smugmug" - just the name alone is non-professional (IMHO). I suggest getting your own website. As for prints, don't you want high quality prints? If so, you'll want to use MPix or Miller's (same company), or if you're producing fine art, I assume you're printing them yourself on an archival printer (Epson, etc).

As for a web designer, feel free to contact me for a quote. This is my main "day job".

As for what the others suggested, there is some validity to having content in several areas - you can keep your smugmugs, etc, but don't use them as part of your 'professional portfolio'.

I don't mean to offend anyone who uses the 'smugmug' sites out there, this is simply my own professional & personal opinions.

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