A delicate question.

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Re: Just ask her,

Automatic retouching in our studio is reserved for blemishes, hives and scratches type "flaws". For any other characteristics like bumps, birthmarks or other of what might be called "deformities" we always discuss it with a principle buyer - the client themselves or a parent/loved one.

I'm 6'5", over weight and bald. To get back a photo with hair on my head, weight removed and my height treated as something to bring into "normal" range, even if improvements, would probably tick me off unless 1) I'd requested it or 2) the question had first been raised by the photographer.

Corrective cosmetic photography is the art of de-emphasizing some features by creative use of light and shadow with no or minimal retouching. It's another approach to your question that, if you can perform it, may be more appealing to your client than digital removal of something she may perceive as part of her.

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