AikiPhoto (Yake) Studio System

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AikiPhoto (Yake) Studio System

Hi! Long time ago someone here asking about Aiki Photo Strobes... and I read that most of photographer know nothing about it...

I'v got two Photo Tables - small with 51"X24" Plexiglass for $35.99 +$40 S&H, and a big one with 39"X78" Plexiglass for $200 + $30 S&H...

and for begining I'v got P-200 AikiPhoto 200w/sec STROBE ($89+$25 S&H) with 24"X24" softbox ($30 + $20 S&H) and Digital Radio Slave System which include transmitter and reciver... ($35+$8 S&H)

I try it and order two more P-600 Strobes which is 600w/sec. with 24"X35" softboxes.. will get them in two days..
What I trying to say? - for THAT PRICES all this is VERY GOOD!

This radio transmitter/ reciver system work very good...

I use it with my 5D and don't get any problem with it - it work even from other room

This is the P-200 storbe with softbox:

and this is how this softbox looks inside:

Stobe have 150 watt galogen modeling lamp and slave sensor ...

Someone here says that when he try the same system the light was always LATE.. but I don't think so - just use ONLY 1/125sek shutter speed on 5D, as it says in camera manual ...

(Later I'll place some pics taken with it, and tell you about lightstands and backgrounds I'v got from other E-bay seller... )

Here is some pics of phototables I'v got:

Here you can see the SIZE difference:

Big table is REALLY BIG... that why cost twice as small one..

and I have to extend - if you get this big table - DO NOT PLACE plexiglass on it on the begining - unroll the plex and place it flat on the floor with something on top - that plex is coming in ROLL and probably was a long time in that form, so you HAVE TO TAKE OFF IT'S TENSION!!

And I have to say - if you try to compare this with same kind of shooting tabels at B&H - you will see the PRICE difference

For photographers on budget I would say as Phill Askey :
Highly Recommended!!!

Here the page about all this on my own website: (Yake)%20Studio%20System.htm

and here the link to AikiPhoto store on E-bay:
Seller nick - photo 1818
Only one thing is wrong on his strobe description here:
it says :

"Built in cooling fan." .. but IT IS NOT!! ... He tell me that they don't do it anymore.. and I told him to fix it... but all other it good enouth for that money ..even strobes is big and heavy .. for my STUDIO work it's OK...



When I will get the last two strobes and test them - I will give you my honest opinion!

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