Smugmug Pro Vs. Custom Web site....or?!?

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Smugmug Pro Vs. Custom Web site....or?!? seems that through encouragment from friends, and being kicked out of local "amature" competitions I am going to begin my foray into the world of professional landscape photography. I have been kind of a big fish in a small pond playing around in the forums like this and my technique had grown....and my work has been recieved well. Time to make the jump and become a much smaller fish in a much bigger pond....lots of amazing talent to compete against.....and be inspired by.

On to my issue...

I am currently using pbase to hold my work (and it needs a good cleaning out...lots of older strays in that account.) but want to have a more professional looking site that looks more like my own place.

I have narrowed it down to either using the Smugmug Pro service and using a domain name with some front page changes to make the site look like mine....

Or saving up the money to pay somone to put a professional site together for me.

I like the idea of my own site, but the expense of starting it up is a little more than I want to afford right now....but if it will truly hurt my public persona to use smugmug (I hate the name even though the service looks great)....I would move into the arena of my own custom site.

SmugMug has baskets on the site and a higher quality printing service for what looks like a reasonable fee...(and no headache for me as they print and mail as they get orders and no money out of my pocket to get the print delivered and shipped.)

Are their more advantages disadvantages in either path that I might be overlooking?



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