Viewfinder D40/D50 Surprise

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...and you got it wrong too... you know how to convert 0.05x magnification to percent (%) ? here's a multiply it by 100...0.05 is equal to 5%....and again, as what some members had said before, if you just based in on the number you read here (0.8x vs. 0.75 magnification), then you won't realize how big the difference is. try comparing them by viewing thru their VFs side by side....and you'll understand what the OP is saying. as i've mentioned in my previous post....d40's VF is even bigger than that of pentax K100D/K110D even if they have the same 0.85x magnification in their spec sheets.

Patco wrote:

exp1orer wrote:

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Brighter maybe - but thats about it.

Simple math... 0.8 is 0.05 more than 0.75.

A photograph is more than a bunch of pixels

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