Canon G1 - What size CF cards is everyone using?

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Canon G1 - What size CF cards is everyone using?

I have a Canon G1 about one year old with the latest firmware update. I have a few smaller cards and I am not interested in a microdrive. I would like to buy one or two larger cards and I am confused. Will my camera accept a 256 MB Transcend or Ridata card? I have a 32MB Butterfly, 32MB AVL, and a couple of 16 MB Lexar cards, and the card that came with the camera. Not San Disk, but they work fine.

I emailed Canon's support and got this reply:
Canon USA recommends Compact flashcards manufactured by SanDisk.
SanDisk manufacturers the Canon brand compact flash cards that come with
our Canon digital cameras. Due to the ever increasing number of
companies manufacturing and selling compact flash cards we cannot test
and evaluate all the different brands in the retail market. As noted in
the manual, Canon has tested CF cards up to 48MB. Any card that adheres
to the Type I CompactFlash card standard should work in your camera up
through the 128MB size.

Does this mean that I am limited to a 128 MB card? I thought others were using larger cards. I have looked for an answer to this specific question in this forum and can't find it. If this has already been discussed, please direct me to the proper messages.


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