New eBay Scam?

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Re: How they hijack your account?

a fake ebay login link. The thing that got me was the email was accusing me of double listing an item I was selling so my emotions were running a little high when i clicked the link wanting to see what the h*ll the person was talking about.

One of my bidders sent me the email he got from the scammer and I setup a gmail account with a fake name and pretended that I was interested in buying the item.

The guy was pretty sophisticated...had all the excuses and was claiming to send the item to ebay shipping so they could hold it in escrow until he rec"d pmt from me via Western Union (of course). The shipping invoice he sent look very real and he even had another fake site setup that was linked on the invoice and looked like it was a shipping company that was part of ebay.

Ebay is exceedingly difficult to contact (my bank gave me their telephone number as it's not on their site) and after 1hr on hold I explained the situation that my account had been compromise and wanted to know what i should do ie cancel all my auctions, send email to bidders, put a notice on my relisted items that my acct was taken over etc. All they said was I had to contact them via a chat feature on their site. What a nightmare...very difficult to find the link on the site, I had to go home as I couldn't access ebay at work, and I can't tell you how frustrating it is to type out your situation...on top of that the "t" key does not work on ebay chat you have to use a capitl T.

Well enough ranting...if anyone needs ebay's # it's 1-800-322-9266

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