Viewfinder D40/D50 Surprise

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Re: Viewfinder D40/D50 Surprise

jimr wrote:

I knew how much better the D40 LCD panel would be compared to the
D50/D70, but what really surprised me was how very much brighter
and better the viewfinder on the D40 is.

I haven't noticed noticed anything in particular with the D40 viewfinder. It seemed normal to me, but I've no DSLR experience prior to the D40. My friend has a Rebel XT I sometime toy with, but it's not much of a difference for me to notice.

The other day however, I got to play with a EOS 1D (film), and I have to say there was quite a difference between the 1D and the D40. The 1D viewfinder was just much much bigger, and brighter. So much that it allows you to evaluate each angle/view under a different perspective.

I am not what made the 1D VF much brighter and bigger... is it the type of penta-mirror used, or the fact that it is a film camera?

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