18-200mm lens quality issues

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18-200mm lens quality issues

I'll preface all of this by saying I recently attempted a serious switch from film to digital. Previously, I shot Leica M7, and did a little with the Epson R-D1. My Nikon experience is with the old build like a brick F and F3's. You culd use those as door stops and they'd still perform well afterwards.

I just returned from 3 weeks in Antarctica. While the D200 body performed quite well, the 18-200mm lens failed miserably.

1) best for first, the lens fell apart in my hands. Not figuratively, literally. The aperature ring disloacated and fell down the barrel, exposing the insides to the elements. After I 'fixed' it, I could replicate this merely by pulling.

2) The two cylinders that extend out wobbled. This is a new lens for me, but that CAN'T be right...

3) Bad, BAD lens creep. 150' feet up a ships mast is no place to have to start worrying about a lens hanging out and clipping on things. When I zoom in and let the camera hang, that is where I want to find the lens when I pick up the camera again. And being up in the mast, I prefer to use my hands to hold on, not have to reconfigure the zoom portion of the lens.

Optically, the lens was fine. Mechanically, I am so disappointed I actually gave thought to chucking the whole set up and going back to Leica, perhaps the new M8.

Has anyone had build issues with this supposedly 'hot' lens?!?
David Rose

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