How to compare different folder strucutre?

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Re: How to compare different folder strucutre?

KG2002 wrote:

I am a bit stuck. I moved all my files from one HDD to another and
re-arranged them in a different folder structure. Now I want to
ensure that I didn't miss anything. I tried numerous demos of
file/folders compare tools but they all can only compare identical
structure. Do you know if there is a tool that can help me? I need
to free up a drive and I cannot till I verify this.

Correct me if i'm wrong but do you want to check if all copied files are present in the new folder structure?

Try this.
open a command box and type:
dir s "old folder" ~ sort > %temp%\output1.txt
s "new folder" ~ sort > %temp%\output2.txt
comp %temp%\output1.txt %temp%\output2.txt N=10000

replace "old folder" with the path of the old folder structure.
replace "new folder" with the path of the new folder structure.


you create two textfiles with a list of all files of both folderstructures. these textfiles are compared for the first 10000 lines.
every difference between the lines ot the two textfiles will be checked.

Because the folderstructure is different, the first lines of the compared textfiles (the folders) will be different ( give errors) but the rest of the textfiles (the files) should be the same.

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