Viewfinder D40/D50 Surprise

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Re: Viewfinder D40/D50 Surprise

gmosc wrote:
OP is only

misleading people and not giving any useful situational experience.

This is EXACTLY what the OP did. He told of his experience!!!!!

The only useful explanation given so far has been for astronomy.

Where does the writer say anything about astronomy.

What is your suggestion?> Guy Moscoso

I don't have any suggestions. There is nothing in the writer's experience that requires a suggestion! He is happy, why would he need a suggestion?

It was nice to hear that someone ENJOYS their camera. Do you enjoy anything in life, or are you always wrapped up in making others justify their experience and emotions in terms that only make sense to your somewhat questionable "inner computer?"


What does astronomy have to do with anything regarding the OP??

What is your EXPERIENCE of looking through the viewfinder of the D40? No numbers please, I want to hear of your EXPERIENCE.

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