Viewfinder D40/D50 Surprise

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Re: I noticed it also...

It is funny how a simple statement about the VF has carried on and on!

I have never knocked the D50. It IS a wonderful camera. It has its pluses and the D40 has its pluses. You choose which assets are more important to YOU as an individual and go on from there. The nice thing is that we have two excellent choices!

An informed consumer with facts rather than a 'mine is better than yours attitude' helps. This is not about competition between the two, rather choices about which fits your needs best. To make that choice, you need to know the pluses and minuses of both. That was/is the intent of my OP. A simple statement about the VF with on observation of a demostrable difference that I had not read about and that others might benefit from knowing about. Hold both cameras to your eye and you'll see why I was surprised.

sweet molly malone wrote:

Mofongo wrote:

To bad all the anti-D40 people have to pi$$ on the parade of the
happy D40 owners. Insecurity is a funny thing...

Sure and it is but it works both ways. There are also plenty of
anti D50 people on this forum happy to pee on the D50 & its owners.

The reality is that both are perfectly good entry level consumer
DSLR's and within their design parameters you would have to try
pretty hard to get poor results from either camera.
Each has its plus & minus points, which may or may not matter to
individuals & its nice (for now) to have a choice.

90+ posts on individual perceptions about viwfinder brightness? God
help us.

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