RAW shooting and White Balance

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RAW shooting and White Balance

I have done a forum search before asking this question and that has caused me to be even more confused than I was before so any advice would be much appreciated.

I own 20D. I have been shooting in RAW and converting in Rawshooter Premium. I think I may have been missing something significant for rather a long time.

I had always assumed that selecting the White Balance in camera affected the recording of RAW files.

Question 1: Is this so or does RAW shooting override any camera WB setting?

Posts in the forum are confusing (at least, to me) in that some say RAW ignores any camera settings while others then suggest setting custom WB (see below).

I recently returned from Thailand where I took over 600 photos and when I load them into Rawshooter, they look dire - grey and very dull. The camera WB was set to daylight. All the photos show a WB setting of 5650 and tint of -4, no matter what the actual conditions. The true WB seems to be about 4850 and -2 to +2 tint. The previews on the camera LCD and the images produced after downloading to my Epson P2000 all looked fine.

Question 2: Are these not the RAW image but an embedded Jpeg? (I do not shoot RAW + JPEG - just RAW)

With a few exceptions, I do not recall pictures taken in the UK as being quite so dull when loaded into Rawshooter

Question 3: Is the camera WB well out of synch or is it simply not being applied?

Question 4: Would auto WB give better results?

As these were all photos taken on the move and in possibly different conditions, setting custom WB was not a practical proposition.

Question 5: Does setting custom WB make any difference if RAW ignores WB setting anyhow?

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