Viewfinder D40/D50 Surprise

Started Jan 14, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: Viewfinder D40/D50 Surprise

Sorry for sounding rude, but my true opinion is that the OP is not
helping anyone. And either the OP is lazy or trying to cover up a
limitaion of the cam. I want more detail than the OP is willing to
give. But By bieng rude I've closed the door for The OP to do any
serious tests. Oh well, other people will do them. No loss.

Sorry, Guy, I think you're the one being unhelpful, as well as fairly rude.

Someone with a new camera turns up and makes a comment about it. That happens several times a day on this forum, but you just had to use it, yet again, to attack a camera you don't even own.

Move on.

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