Viewfinder D40/D50 Surprise

Started Jan 14, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: Viewfinder D40/D50 Surprise

Would you say that add on makes the viewfinder as good..i cant
imagine it would end up being as bright. All other things aside,
just curious about that attachment

I'd say it at least seems brighter because it's larger, there's hardly any black around the actual square where you see through (if that makes any sense). I noticed a difference for sure. I haven't taken a side-by-side comparison with the magnifying adapter on the D50 vs the stock VF on the D40, though. I did look extensively at both the D40 and D50 at the local Ritz Camera before buying though and I think this brings the D50 VF pretty close to the D40 VF. The adapter was around $15 bucks I think.

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