Viewfinder D40/D50 Surprise

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Re: Viewfinder D40/D50 Surprise

Thomas, you are totally right on that! Thanks for the correction. I knew I should have followed that thread to it's completion when i read it!

Brad you bought a D70 as a back up a while back didn't you? I guess you got rid of it. And by the way, listen to Thomas not me!

Guy Moscoso

Thomas Comerford wrote:

gmosc wrote:

The VF brightrness issue you talk about has to do with the fact
that aperture can be closed on the lens when there is no power.
That naturally gives less light and makes the VF darker. Some
people notice that in a store when there wasn't a charged battery
in the camera.

The "dim viewfinder" effect is caused by the fact that no power is
being supplied to the LCD overlay in the viewfinder. The crystals
in the LCD are not aligned and scatter the light, make the
viewfinder appear dark.

It has nothing to do with the aperture. The aperture gets opened
when you twist the lens onto the camera, and stays that way until
you take a picture, press DOF preview, or remove the lens. A loss
power will not cause the aperture to change size.

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