Improve my workflow

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Improve my workflow

I am having trouble with my PC's resources when editing to print large images. These images are up to 16x20, sometimes a little larger.

The PC is XP Home SP2, Athlon X2 4200 (an OC'd 3800), 2 Gb of RAM.

Here is the workflow-

I open an image in Canon's DPP
The file is a RAW capture from a Canon 5D
The image is edited and adjusted
It is sent to PS CS

I then edit the file in PS CS
Editing is done in 16 bit mode
I then crop to whatever size, say 16x20
I use either 360 or 720 PPI - 720 may be an issue!!!

At this point I walk away. It takes some time to finish cropping. The Page File shoots up to 1.8 GB, PS is using about 1.6 GB (what I set the limit to), about 100 megs free RAM, the CPU is not really stressed and there is a lot of activity with the hard drive.

Am I using too high of a DPI? Should I do the final crop in 8 bit mode? Would I be better off just saving the un-uprezzed image and buy QImage to do the final up-rez? If so should I save to .jpg, .tiff?

Thanks for your help!

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