Need advice on shopping for a new notebook

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Re: Need advice on shopping for a new notebook

Bob Mittelman wrote:


The weight and thinness of the Lenovo make it interesting, but I
notice that the weight specification states that it "Includes
battery and optional travel bezel instead of standard optical drive
in Ultrabay™ modular bay, if applicable; weight may vary due to
vendor components, manufacturing process and options." Does your
computer include an optical drive? If so, how much does it (the
computer, that is) weigh? I would only get a notebook that
includes a burner with double layer capability.
Bob Mittelman

hi bob. sorry it took so long to reply! i just weighed the laptop and keep in mind that the weight (2.5 kg) includes the laptop and the base (which contains the dvd drive). off hand, i don't know if the ultralight has a dual layer option... if you're interested, i think the easiest way to get the info you want is to call their 1-800 number. good luck!

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