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Question for Scott Eaton

Would you partition at all with this method? For instance, on your boot drive, would you have C: Window OS D: programs Then when this is mirrored onto the drive which has the scratch disk would that have a partition for the scratch disk, a partition for the Windows OS mirror and a partition for the programs mirror?? If you used Raid 1 to do the mirroring, could you still assign the scratch disk to "just" the second drive and have it separate from the Raid array?

Scott Eaton wrote:

Use Acronis (or another product) to keep a periodic mirror image of
your c: drive on the drive you currently you use for your scratch
disk. Given they are the same size, I can assume they are identical
in other respects, and the scratch disk should make an ideal
back-up drive.

This way if your boot drive takes a dive, or the OS gets corrupted,
or you get hit by some serious trojans or malware (poor security
advice in this forum makes that a high probability) then all you
have to do is switch the cable on your HD's, and you are back in
business. No screwing around with DOS booters, corrupted CD images,
non compliant USB chipsets etc. I've imaged thousands of systems
from Network boot disks I've built myself, but now my preferred
back-up method is simply to keep a cloned HD in the machine, and
clone it weekly because tools like Paragon and I believe Acronis
can do live system backups while the OS is up. I now do this with
all my critical system servers as well. If something goes wrong
with anything on the C: drive, software or hardware, I just
switch to the cloned drive and everything is good.

Use your 320gig as a general data dump, and get as much data off
your C: drive as possible. If your C: drive is kept clean and only
hosts the OS and program files, it will likely not exceed 25% of
utilization and you can keep your scratch disk there with no
performance penalty. So, you solve two problems for the price of

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