D200 Batteries - 3rd Party or Nikon

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Re: D200 Batteries - 3rd Party or Nikon

Puttguy wrote:

I have tried the third party batteries before, where they are
cheaper that's for sure. But what you do not get is quite as long a
runtime & you definately don't get a correct reading from in-camera
battery meter readings. That was the thing that bugged me the most
about the third party batteries.
But this is purely what I experienced, I don't know about everyone

It doesn't matter what you use as long as you know how to use it!

I purchased a printer and used some very and I mean very cheap ink in it. I was very happy with what it was printing until it clogged up completely on me and I was told that the warranty would not cover it even though it was only a few months old. That burned me from trying to buy something nice and then try and skimp on the upkeep. If one of those batteries mess up your camera, you have to send your camera in along with your battery to service and if you send in a perfectly good Nikon battery and try and tell Nikon that their battery messed your camera up they are going to send it back to you in the same condition and tell you to give them another story. Not worth it to try and save a few dollars.

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