D200 Batteries - 3rd Party or Nikon

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Re: D200 Batteries - 3rd Party or Nikon

Tom Moerel wrote:

Can't see the point of spending thousands on a pro spec camera and
top rate glass only to cut corners and risk invalidating warranties
with generic brand batteries. I note that many batteries can be
the subject of recalls. Who recalls a generic battery purchased
from who knows were and made by who knows who.

By the nikon and at least have peace of mind.

Does anyone here ever consider that there are people out there that
do not make lots of money. People who want to have a good tool for
their photography but have to severely stretch their budget to buy
a D200. People who use cheap glass because those ridiculously
priced pro lenses are way out of their reach......people who cannot
afford overpriced Nikon batteries.....
Well, perhaps those people have no choice and they buy aftermarket.
And please don't tell me they shoud have bought a cheaper
camera......would you want to play with one of those plastic toys
after holding a D200

Yes it is called trying to keep up with your neighbors.... If you can not afford it then do not buy it. I would like to have a Mercedes and I could buy it, but then I would have to put cheap tires and cheap gas in it while I eat beans and cornbread trying to keep it. Even though a nice little Toyota will do me just fine and I could live quite well driving it. I thought that I wanted a DX2s but I decided that a D200 was more in my price range and it does what I wanted it to do as well as I am able to afford the upkeep on it.

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